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EECO2 is a leading global provider of researched, tested and proven engineered energy efficiency solutions.

Focussing on the pharmaceutical, biotech and high-tech industries, our team of dedicated experts have a wealth of experience in supporting organisations to substantially reduce energy and water consumption, along with associated carbon emissions.


Our services help clients to reach corporate energy and water targets; reducing cost whilst maintaining or improving industry compliance and safety. Together, we create and deliver energy and water reduction plans.

In some cases, this includes designing and building cleanroom GMP compliant HVAC systems, as we have extensive knowledge of cleanroom compliance and the monitoring and controlling of cleanrooms.


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Over BCW


BCW is een onafhankelijke cleanroom vereniging met als doel, informatie  verstrekken rond het bouwen en uitbaten van cleanrooms volgens nationale en internationale normen, standaarden en goede praktijken.

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