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Connect 2 Cleanrooms: Mission Critical Cleanroom Environments


Connect 2 Cleanrooms create functional and compliant cleanroom solutions. In 17 years, we've become a trusted partner to over 6,000 clients worldwide.

We support clients through the entire cleanroom lifecycle. We will support you way beyond the commissioning of your cleanroom, with cleanroom training, consumables and validation services.

We create bespoke, scalable cleanrooms that facilitate process control and meet ISO 14644-1:2015 classifications. We are a trusted partner, providing technical competency and clarity in a regulated marketplace. With our solutions-focused approach, we naturally build long-lasting, collaborative relationships with our clients and suppliers.

As part of our cleanroom solutions package, we supply a consumables service through We understand the critical nature of cleanroom supplies and offer a full portfolio to meet demands.

How confident are you that your cleanroom operating procedures are being met? We aim to educate operators on how to minimise contamination risks through the correct implementation of procedures.

We can validate your cleanroom facilities and biosafety cabinets to qualify that they are operating and performing in conformance with Cleanroom Standards within ISO 14644-1:2015, with a tailored testing schedule.




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BCW is een onafhankelijke cleanroom vereniging met als doel, informatie  verstrekken rond het bouwen en uitbaten van cleanrooms volgens nationale en internationale normen, standaarden en goede praktijken.

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