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Micronclean Belgium is the leading supplier in Belgium for cleanroom garments.

We offer and operate a wide range of service packages well fitted up to our customers' changing needs in the cleanroom.


Micronclean Belgium developed the BeMicron gowning solution.

Pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnology, nanotechnoloy, operating theatres, food processing industry use controlled production environments. BeMicron presents a revolutionary aseptic gowning system that completely protects cleanrooms from human contamination.

Quickly fastened and gowned without touching the outside, the BeMicron coverall is unique in the market.

Cost effective as well as efficient, the system guarantees complete sterility.


Besides gowning solutions Micronclean offers also The MicronSwep system.

This is a total cleaning solution for controlled environments in accordance with the relevant ISO or GMP standards.






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BCW is een onafhankelijke cleanroom vereniging met als doel, informatie  verstrekken rond het bouwen en uitbaten van cleanrooms volgens nationale en internationale normen, standaarden en goede praktijken.

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